Myopia is an eye condition where objects that are close to you are clear, yet, objects far away are blurry. This condition is a direct result of the eye being slightly long.

Myopia can happen to children and adults. Research has shown that there are ways to slow down the progression of myopia, and the younger the person is, the better our treatment process will work.

There are three treatment options for controlling myopia; orthokeratology, soft myopia control contact lenses, and atropine eye drops.

Orthokeratology treatment is used to temporarily reshape the contour of the cornea and eliminate myopia. During the treatment, gas permeable contact lenses are worn at night only, which results in better vision during the day without the corrective lenses. The new eye shape changes the optics of the eye such that eye growth and myopia progression slows down and in some cases even stops.

Soft myopia control contact lenses slow the progression of nearsightedness and provide an effective treatment option. The multifocal optics change the way the eyes focus light, providing a myopia control effect. These lenses are now available in a daily disposable option for maximum eye health and convenience.

Low Dose Atropine eye drops have been shown to help slow the progression of nearsightedness. This treatment may be a good option for a child who is not a good candidate for the two contact lens options. Atropine is a medication with potential side effects, including light sensitivity, trouble focusing at near, eyelid swelling, irritation and redness, dry skin, irritability, irregular heartbeat, and confusion. These side effects are very unlikely with the low doses that we use, and we actively monitor children for these symptoms and manage them appropriately.

We are dedicated to the health of your eyes. We work with patients of all ages and are happy to answer any questions. Our practice has all of the latest technology to ensure that you receive the best treatment possible.

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